Monday, November 24, 2014


This variety of Bamboo (Bambusa arundinaceae) is not available in Chinturu area. But our tribal community use this for toddy tapping. This Bamboo made into pieces single nod or double nod (Tikka or Gontam) and fix at the top of the Polmyrah Tree for tapping juice (Toddy). This person brought these pieces from 40 Kms away i.e. Maredumilly forest area, he  incurred Rs.900/-  for only transport excluding cutting charges (personally done) carrying to Road point and loading charges, he will get 100 Tikkas approximately he says. They heat the bamboo like this for extending durability. 

BAMBOO MAT MAKING by Primitive Tribe (Konda Reddy)

Mrs. Sadhula. Bullemma , Tulasipakala village making Bamboo slices (POGULU TIYADAM) for weaving Mat. This activity requires more labour and drudgery of work. There are machines for making AGARBATTI STICKS. It will be great if somebody made/invent a small machine (without any extra power) for this activity made easy.

Material for making Bamboo mat. First they cut  and bring the Bamboo in sizes the product required from near by forest. Then they make it into slices (they call Pongulu tiyadam) and dry under direct sun. Now they start weaving the Mat. 

Tulasipaka Reddy gumpu